Vacation- Chicks will be 5 weeks old

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MrsA510, Apr 29, 2016.

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    Feb 1, 2016
    We are going camping during Memorial Day weekend (3 days). My chicks will be 5 weeks old. How can I leave them? Have a neighbor come by a few times a day? Hire a pet sitter? Will they be in the coop by then without a heat source? I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving a heat lamp on while I am away (garage brooder or coop). They are a few days old right now and in the garage. I check on them constantly since this is my first time raising chicks and I'm only a few days into the process. At the moment I'm having a hard time imagining leaving them. But I know 5 weeks is going to be much different that 2 days old. Thanks in advance for any help. I did a search and I found a similar question but the chicks were 8 weeks.
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    [​IMG]MrsA510! You will probably need a pet sitter or neighbor to watch them while your not there. For instance, they could scratch their waterer full of shavings, their waterer could fall over, maybe they could run out of water or feed (?) Just don't take the chance and leave them COMPLETELY alone, just my idea. [​IMG]
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    x2 I would have a neighbor check on them in the morning, afternoon and night. That way you can make sure they have water & food and haven't pooped or something in it. Have fun on your vacation!

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