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    Hello all, I am back from vacation!!! After having terrible dreams of chickens and foxes, I returned home to all the chickens I left from!!! The neighbors kept the gang well during more sweltering heat. But.... the neighbors did not gather the eggs. Question: some eggs are as old as 13 days and were left in the coop, should I dispose of my eggs? DH ususally takes the eggs to work and gives to some folks there, but I would hate for them to get some half formed chicks instead of yolks and white. AQnd I think all my girls are laying now, we have a bunch of green eggs and had a huge double yolk brownie... I will post pictures when I have more time... Thanks all!![​IMG]
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    Yep, put them in a large bowl or pan of water, if they sink they are good, if they float toss em.

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