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    I don't want a debate. I just wanted to share some information. Go and watch the video. Yes it is almost an hour an a half. But it gives you a look into the lives of several people with vaccine injuries. They are more common than people know. Most doctors do not report a vaccine injury. Most vaccine testing is done by the manufacturer. Many times they will use a placebo for testing which is just another vaccine or is all the ingredients in a vaccine (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc) without the actual viral part. So reactions can and do still occur in the placebo group. The companies that make the vaccines are NOT liable when the kids get injured. Ever time you get a vaccine you pay a tax that goes into a fund that the vaccine court can award money from. When you get a vaccine they are supposed to give you a handout that tells you the possible reactions that can occur from that vaccine. Most drs don't.

    Than you get vaccines like Gardasil which got fast tracked. It is no also approved for use in boys. And it already has many bodies under its belts.

    need to demand safer vaccines and better testing.

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    Check your facts!

    Vaccine injuries are mandatory reporting.

    The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 requires health professionals and vaccine manufacturers to report to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) specific adverse events that occur after the administration of routinely recommended vaccines.

    Gardasil is approved for boys:

    doctors do give out the warning sheets with vaccinations. In fact most doctors offices that I have been to have them laminated and in every exam room.

    Placebos generally can and do an effects, both negative and positive, in clinical studies; hence the term "placebo effect".

    Many of the things that we vaccinate for are much more lethal than the vaccines. Talk to someone who is old enough to remember polio outbreaks. Look up the fatality info on pertussis, talk to someone who is deaf due to rubella.

    Yes, there are risks to vaccination. There are often greater risks to not vaccinating. The number of whooping cough fatalities in this country has been growing for the first time in decades.
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    Maybe you should check your facts.

    Forgive me I forgot my W in now. It is noW approved for boys.

    The CDC itself admits that only a small fraction of hospitalization, injuries and deaths after vaccination are ever reported. In one 1993 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, former FDA Commissioner David Kessler estimated that fewer than one percent of all doctors report injuries and deaths following the administration of prescription drugs. This estimate may be even lower for vaccines. According to Barbara Loe Fisher, one survey conducted by the NVIC in New York in 1994 revealed that only one doctor in 40 reported to VAERS.

    Polio was in a decline prior to the vaccine even being released. Here are some graphs showing when the vaccine was released vs cases.

    sheet being laminated in the room is different than a sheet handed to a person to read at their leisure or when their child is experiencing a problem.

    None of the individual chemicals in vaccines have even been tested, except for one doctor that found Aluminum caused changes in the brain and spinal cord. Many people stay away from Aluminum in deodorant, which is metabolized completely differently than when it is injected. Injected Aluminum helps a vaccine have lasting immunity, because it stays in the body longer.

    And many of the whooping cough strains going around were actually caused by the vaccine and is more deadly than the wild strain.

    A placebo for a drug should NOT be the drug minus one part it should be something like saline that will have no reaction. Here is the definition of Placebo Effect: The placebo effect is the measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behavior not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered.

    The problem is their placebo contains chemicals that can cause reactions not something inert.
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    Generally, I'm of the group that believes there is more risk in NOT vaccinating, than there is with vaccinating. I do think most everything could stand more testing though.

    Also, I find it difficult to believe that the placebo group is not more controlled, but researchers may have used three groups instead of just two. I'd have to read the originally test papers to find out. Sometimes a lot of facts get left out of the more popular articles and videos because frankly, a lot of people who write those articles just can't understand the scientific lingo in published papers.

    I do think patients or parents of patients should do their research and make an informed decision about everything health wise.

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    I'm going to start volunteering at a local hospital and as part of their health check they're going to give me any vaccine that I've missed. I'm getting a tdap on Tuesday since it's been 11 years since I've last had one. I turned down the flu shot though.
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    I really didn't want this as a debate for or against vaccines. I really just want people to educate themselves and be able to make an informed decision. And I hope in the future the government gets their hands out of big Pharma and Big Ag. When you have an interest in something than you are not the right one to be making decisions for the rest of us. I think the company should be held liable for their drugs. I think an independent agency should be hired by the drug companies to really test the drugs and that there should be no fast tracking of drugs. We as a society need to demand better of our government.

    Personally I feel that most vaccines are not worth the risk for my family. But I'm also probably an Aspie and I really feel strongly against heavy metals and neurotoxins in our environment. Personally I feel that is what caused lots of problems for me. My friend works in a hospital and her child will be vaccinated just not on the normal schedule. I think they have their place but they really should be made safer.

    I also think vaccines are a lot harder on infants who are still developing all of their neuro connections.
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    Chicksterjo be prepared to have some pain the day after that tdap. I had one just a couple weeks ago since it had been 13 years since my last tentanus shot. That one didn't result in pain. But the one I just had hurt so bad the next day my arm was completely useless. Then it was real tender for a couple of days. I'm just glad I didn't have to do any driving the next day because I couldn't have. I read that instead of just tetanus dr's do a tdap for adults now. Good luck.

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    I think I heard on the news the other day something about DRS now starting to turn away patients who are NOT vaccinated. That could be problematic for some.
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    Oh they have been turning away patients for years. Even bullying patients into it by threatening to call CPS. Truthfully I wouldn't want to deal with a doctor that doesn't listen to my needs and beliefs.

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    The VIS papers you get after vacciantion are a joke.Get the vaccine insert from the doctor,or print it from the computer.Get the lot number for every vaccine you get.If there are ever any problems you will need detailed information to file a reaction and/or injury with VAERS and NVICP. Don't expect compensation to cover medical bills.Most people get their claims denied during the first filing. If a loved one dies following vaccination you will be awarded $250,000 IF you can prove the vaccine did it. Pretty hard to prove injury let alone death,but it has been done.

    Most of the time there are no issues,but it is better to have the info in your home medical files anyway.Lots of people end up getting over vaccinated when they can not find their vaccine records.

    I think it is a shame that boys are now getting gardasil,but this is how it went with the rubella vaccine as well(first only girls).Hopefully when/if there is a reaction a doctor will have treatment options rather than just leave you hanging.

    When talk of vaccines come up I am always reminded of Robert Topp the 11yo boy who got a hepB vaccine and was very injured from it.He did fine with all the other vaccines up until that point.Look up his photo.Doctors denied it was the vaccine.I can only hope he has recovered by now.

    Good health to all!

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