Vanishing Mites?

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    I am truly stumped here. I found one polish chciken with mites. In fact, the chicken was infested. I have looked and looked but none of her pen mates has anything. [​IMG] I bought young peafowl about 2 months ago. It turned out they had worms. So, I used really strong goat wormer twice. At that time, my polish crested chickens were in with the peafowl. So, I wormed them as well. Maybe, I had forgotten accidently to worm the one polish crested. Was the medication so strong it wiped everything out? This is the only other theory I can come up with unless someone else has a better idea...
    Thanks Lisa
    It was Safeguard Goat wormer, and everyone was given at least one cc straight out of a syringe.
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