Varmint guns


10 Years
Aug 18, 2009
If you are anti-gun, if you don't believe that people have a right to protect their poultry, or if you believe that killing a predator that is eating one's pets, food source for the winter, or livelihood is intrinsically wrong, please go on to a different post and read it.

Mods, please lock this thread at the first flame. I do not want it to devolve into another gun-ban thread as they do all over the Internet.

My chicken-protecting guns are a 12 gauge 870 Express and a 10/22. I also have a Beeman R7 in 20 caliber for picking sparrows off the feeders basically because I discovered in my research that I could buy a pellet for it that has a BC of 0.007 and would slow to below 200 FPS (from 620 FPS) by the time it crossed the property line.

What do you have? And if it is a little out of the ordinary, why did you pick it?

My basic rifle is an old .22 I don't even know the manufacturer anymore. My basic sidearm that I always have is my .38. I have an old mossburg 12 gauge that's been getting dusty over the years, but when I want to reach out and crush someone, I grab my 30-.06 and can fire from the upstairs bathroom and have about 1/2 mile in 3 directions for taking out coyotes across the fields.
A Walther P22 with a laser is my freind for varmits.

Many come out at night and the laser is a great way
to make sure the animal is hit.

As far as any dogs during the day, I try really hard to
give them a chance to leave my property and not come

I have had to take care of one or two, but the weapon I
use takes great care and awarnes of the surroundings.
I have a pellet rifle a 12 guage a .22 a lever action .30-.30 a colt .45 and a glock 9mm with laser sight and a flash light. the sight and the flash light can also be put on the .22 and a bow which i use if there are coydogs near the house
depending on the game i pick the gun.
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I have several guns around from a .22 bolt to 7.62X54, but since most of my predator problems have been hawks they are useless. So a good portion of my yard is strung with white clothes line.
When I get the bucks scraped together I may be adding a 223 to my arsenal too. I did train extensively with one at one point.

Do you load it with frangible ammo, regular soft-point or hollow point ammo, or something else?


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