Vaseline--will it prevent pasty butt if I use it immediately?

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    I'm expecting 25 chicks any day now, and I want to avoid as many problems (of course), and I'm totally new at this, so since vaseline helps after pasty butt is cleaned off, I'm wondering if I trim feathers and vaseline their little tushies immediately, will that prevent it?

    If not, what might? I know feeding egg yolks has been suggested, and also I've heard feeding ground oatmeal (how much, how soon?)...any other pre-remedies?

    ETA: I have a tube of straight 100% zinc oxide, nothing added. Will this be OK or will it harm the chicks?
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    worked for us [​IMG]

    ETA: You don't need to trim their fuzz. Just apply the vaseline right on top of the fuzz (at least that is what we did since our chicks wanted to peck at bare bottoms [​IMG] ).
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    Thank you--I'm prepared with 2 tubes and a bunch of q-tips right next to the brooder!
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    Psty rear ends is easily cured by doing this
    seeing that the chicks are not to hot as temp and not ventilated good enough makes for pasty rear ends

    also do this
    1 gallon of dry crumbles
    1 cup of play school sand ( white sand not cement mixers sand also it is sold at lumber yards)

    mix this feed and sand good and use as complete sand till the pasty rear ends dissapears
    if they get it again just mix more feed and check temp on the brooder

    for first week it is 95-98
    then every week there after decrease 5 degrees of heat
    any other question just email me PM

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