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Ok so I candled my cracked eggs when they went in the bator for a point of refrence and again day three more for a point of refrence then becuase I thought I would see anything , well tonight is day five and I candled them again egg 1 is still showing nada, but egg 2 has veining and a little black dot, I got pretty excited but I wanted to know if the veining is sapose to go around the whole egg or what by then cause its sorta in about half the egg so far that I can see ?
Ill be flabbergasted if even one of these guys hatch out , they were washed , cracked , repaired with candle wax, sat for 4 days at room temp and then put in my home made bator to tests it out and had some temp flucts though not horribly huge ones then put in my LG yesterday at day 4 when it got here.

I am worried about bactria becuase they were cracked how can you tell if it has a blood ring ?
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I remmber seeing a couple pics on a site but I cant remmber what site , Im hunting inbetween peeks at the 139 qual hatching on camra atm
Im not shure how to link it but if you scroll down thru incubating and hatching eggs theres a link that I think starts with 139 eggs hatching on camra or some such im sorry im not more helpfull at the moment it apears to be like 4 under this one.

I searched for images and found a rather intersting site that showed fairly clear pictures of both a 4/5 day old fertel egg with veining and a blood ring so now Im almost postitive its a nice healthy baby ,but then the site made me nervous :/cuase it said you are sapose to throw out cracked eggs cause they can contaminate youre other eggs.
I cant throw it out if it has a baby in it , I mean if its started to grow its ok to keep right
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Some one please tell me that the egg is sapose to get darker, I candled yesterday day 5 and saw veinging and a little black dot I could also see the yolk and aircell, I candled again tonight day 6 just cuase I couldnt help myself....

Tonight the eggs looks diffrent, the viening is still there but I cant see them quite as well, the dot is still there but I cant see it as well it just seems slightly darker Im not shure how else to explain it, Am I be parinoid do they change and darken this fast or did my poor peep lose the battle?


This is almost as bad as when I was pregnant

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