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Aug 30, 2007
Aghhh it just makes me loopy when people advertise their eggs as 'very fertile'. It's either fertile or it's not. It's not partially fertile, it's not somewhat fertile, and you're not going to hatch part of a chick. How fertile is 'very' when you're talking about the percentage of eggs being viable? 80%? 90%? 98%? It just makes me disbelieve anything else written when advertisers start off with an exaggeration like that. What else drives you crazy?
When they say they're show quality. I don't care if the parent birds have won lots of one can guarantee show quality with their eggs.
I love people like that. it makes me feel smart. The nice people usually say "we have 95% hatch rate but we cant guarantee your hatch rate for shiiped eggs.

SQ people are just trying to make more money buy saying you will hatch SQ. if you say your birds have won yeah I can believe that but dont say your babys are going to hatch with blue ribbons on there chest
That's the truth, I bought so call show quality "BLACK" Silkie eggs (no one from here) when they hatched I had 3 Black and 8 black and white mixed, some with black feet and some w/ yellow feet.. Non looked to be so call Show quility.
This is why I no lomger buy shipped eggs..
Yep, eggs from SQ birds is one thing, but SQ eggs? If anyone could guarantee that every chick their birds ever produced was perfect, they would be too rich to worry about making $5 here and there selling eggs. The term SQ would mean very little very quickly too if it was so easily attained.

Despite the risks associated with buying hatching eggs, I am glad about having the opportunity to obtain more diverse breeds. I don't know anyone else personally who even keeps chickens.
I just remembered another one.. "*insert breed*hybrid." It's not a hybrid, it's a crossbreed, a mutt! It drives me crazy when people try to make more money out of something that won't breed true and will have no predictable characteristics.
SQ is a BIG problem.

Apparently some people regard ANY silkies brought from "famous breeder X" are also SQ. No matter how many generations or breeders stood between those birds and the originials.. assuming the famous breeder sold them as SHOW quality.

Or they took their hatchery bred birds to a TINY little local fair and "won ribbons" even though there might be only one or 5 of that breed at the show. So they label their stock as "show winners".

Or people who have hatchery or backyard bred stock but use a picture or a painting of a "perfect" specimen.......
I know I'm going to get slammed here (and I don't sell hatching eggs... yet) but when I read "very fertile" I interpret "high fertility rate" and when I read "SQ" in any way, shape or form, I interpret "eggs are from a SQ lines", NOT show winning lines.

There's a difference between a bird being of SQ and a guaranteed show winner, and no one in their right mind would garantee that eggs from any given birds are going to be show winners.

Slam away.
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