vent fan for coop?

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    May 31, 2012
    We are about to have our new coop built. It will effectively be a small 6x6 garden shed.

    It will be situated in a pretty sunny location and we have always noticed that our current small coop gets quite hot inside during the day. Our gals are able to free range all day in our fenced in back yard so they don't spend that much time in the coop except in winter. Of course there is the time they are laying that they can hang out inside for a good bit.

    does anyone put a vent fan in their coop (like a small through the wall bathroom type fan). I am awfully tempted to do so to help vent out stale hot air in the summer. Then just cover it in winter. We will have a couple windows and a vented roof system and some vents in the eves. It will be an insulated shed.

    We do like to provide good accommodations for our pets.

    located in southeast WI, so hot humid summers (inside coop temps easily go over 100 on hot days), and of course cold winters.
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    Jul 30, 2013
    We are building an open coop with panels that slot in as needs require, would something like that work for you?
    Or could you provide a summer outdoor nesting box?
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    Attending to ventilation in the coop can consist of a simple arrangement of vents to allow the ammonia and hot air to evacuate on its own. Place one large vent up high in the wall with another similarly sized vent on the opposite wall down low. This arrangement will allow the warm air to rise through the high vent with replacement air flowing in through the low vent.

    Being offset will prevent drafts, the main bugaboo in winter.


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