Ventilation ideas?

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6 Years
May 27, 2013
So, my coop has been a make work project( mostly for my husband HA!) all summer. Now I need some ventilation. Does anyone have any pictures of the ventilation systems they have?
We've been remodelling an old grainery shed. I was thinking of getting one of those mushroom vent things for the roof, and a small "window" low to let cold air in and a larger "window" near the top to let hot air out? Was thinking of cutting a hole, putting screen on the outside of the hole, and having the door on the inside with hinges? It's fairly warm here in Alberta in the summer and fricking freezing in the winter (- 30 deg C).
I have a photo of my coop but this site never let's me upload! I can send a pic to someone and maybe they can post it for me?

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