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11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
My son and I are facing a court battle... we are the victims of crime and because there is a publication ban protecting my sons identity i cant really go into detail

but I can tell you that the accused has been convicted of this crime 2X before and beat it once before
he was found and pled guilty to having unfavorable images on his computer

Today was day 1 of the trial... jury selection the accused has chosen judge and jury trial

Jury selection was completed I am not so sure on her choice though one looks like he is counting the dots on the ceiling tile and one is looking like he thought this was the bus station (totally clueless)

I had to testify today and i think it went well under the cross the defense was grasping at straws if you ask me... but hey... who am I right

My son has to start tomorrow....

the accused wife is taking the stand and i dont know why she was never there when the crime was committed... but whatever maybe as a character reference

Best case scenario is we will be sending the jury to deliberate by noon on Thursday.... worst case they will be sent on Tuesday when we return from thanksgiving... (remember we are Canadian)

I am kinda freaked out... this has been 3 years of pretrial crap... its about time to be over!

so thanks everyone for keeping us in our thoughts and prayers
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Praying for your best outcome.
I think i know what case your talking about.. I remember you mentioning it to me before..
I REALLY hope that this person gets a conviction...

to you all.
You absolutely have my prayers! Trust your jury. If you canadians have the same voir dir system we have here, which you would not have attended, your attorney, if he or she is worth their salt, should have selected good people even if the don't "look" like they are. I know I sat on a jury for a very serious crime once and I was very impressed by my fellow jurors, even the ones that I initially would have dismissed based on looks or lifestyle.

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