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    I bought my little frizzled cochin pullet as a 4 week old (ish) back in July and have adored her ever since. She went broody without ever having layed an egg at around 3 or so months old and "raised" some polish chicks. Yeah, I ADORE her! Her name is Cora and she squatted for me the first time today!!! [​IMG]

    My little slow-to-mature Cora will be laying soon! And yes, her polish chicks are still with her, but they would lift her off the ground if they tried to snuggle under her... [​IMG]


    This was her when she adopted her polish. She's quite a bit bigger and more mature now... [​IMG]


    This one was a little over a month ago...
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    Congrats! Wow! I cant believe she went broody before even laying an egg!
    GO CORA!

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