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Dash Riprock

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Sep 27, 2008
Northeast GA
As I stated earlier...Our girls arrived on Sunday. My wife was VERY hesitant for me and my son (13) to get these little rays of sunshine. She said "well just so you know, I won't be here when y'all get back and I will not be responsible for any upkeep.
I don't know why in the world you two want a bunch of chickens running around the yard. By the way...My Daddy thinks you are an idiot."

The birds arrived around 3:00 and Bill and I settled them into their diggs. Sissy (wife) arrived home about 5:30 and asked "Well where are they?" We told her that we were letting them imprint on the coop and would she like to see them. She said with a sigh "I guess so."

After the introductions and some minor instructions from my son (he has become quite the expert novice) we left the girls to their house warming. Her coolness seemed to be lessening.

After some advice from some BYC posters Bill and I decided that it was time Free the ladies. They took to their new surrondings immediately. Scratching, weeding, dusting, bug eating and general chickenery.

Sissy wandered into the backyard to see what all the laughter was about. I mean what could be so entertaining about a bunch of dumb chickens. She pulled up a chair with her newbie fowlboys and proceeded to observe the chick-anery. Twoo gin and tonics later the non-chicken-lover had already named 3 of the 6 girls.
Before the sun dropped to low in the sky we (Sissy included) were now in the possesion of Lorraine, Dotty, Lilly, Blanche, Rita (henworth) and Goldie Hen. as you might surmise the two girls with last mnames were christened after a few more GnT's were in the tank.

Anyway our charming girls took little time in converting a grumptster into a true chicken head.

Good times were had by all.

Looking forward to becoming a regular story sharrer.

Chickenz are Kool!



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Sep 10, 2008
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Oh that is too funny!!!

My DH was the same way, only it did not take any GnT's to loosen him up. It took him a little longer because he just would not step outside to even look!

My daughter and I perched ourselves on a couple of 5 gallon buckets and roared with laughter. He finally could not stand it any longer and came out and said, "you two just gonna sit out there staring at chickens?"

We looked at each other and both said at the same time, " Well, YAHHHH! What else you want us to do?"

After a day of the chicks living in the igloo doghouse. DH had started the made up plans of building them a house to stay in. HOOKED! then he picked up one of the little frizzle girls and "LINE AND SINKER"
He was hooked. I now have to be the bad guy and say NO more chickens, we have plenty! LOL. He is also now an incubator addict. Aren't you all proud of us! LOL

OK I had to edit this, I am not the bad guy, I am the enabler! I take my daughter to every danged chicken place I can go to , auctions(and yes of course we quarrantine and dust as soon as the little buggers hit the driveway), anyplace to get chickens or ducks! We are soo hooked it is pittiful! Have mercy on our animal loving souls!!!!
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Jul 27, 2008
My fiance tolerates them when he is around but he will be a tough one to convert to chicken addiction.Sigh.
I am glad your wife is making progress on the downhill slide!

Dash Riprock

11 Years
Sep 27, 2008
Northeast GA
Quote:She tried to be a hard egg, but I knew she was soft boiled
. Sorry for the puns, but I can't resist. I think it is something that we will all come to enjoy. I'm so glad that we found something useful to do with our storage barn. It is almost as nice as my first apt. in college.

BTW..what does DH mean?

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