Very injured young rooster

Laura West

Dec 11, 2017
Hi Backyard Chicken group. You helped me so much with my questions when I got started last year, I'm hoping to get assistance with my newest emergency that occurred yesterday!
I bought a new young rooster to replace my yard's rooster that passed away 4 months ago. I kept young Speck (his name, lol) in an enclosure within my hen yard for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Everyday I would feed my hens along the border of Speck's enclosure hoping to assist with the integration process. Everyday Speck would spend his day, when not inside his little shade hut repeatedly poking his head between the enclosures , trying to get into the pen of the hens. Night before last, I placed him inside the hen's pen. The following day, I had to return him to his enclosure because the hens had his head bleeding & most tail feathers gone. When i went back out there a couple of hours later to check on him, I find Speck inside the hen's pen again & 2 of the hens inside his enclosure; my heart sank. I found speck behind one of the hen's shade structures & he was pecked down to where you can see the white of his skull cap, & the area where his tail feathers were, is now just a bloody area without any feathers. I removed him & placed him in a cage inside my barn, coated his injuries with purple astringent. His wounds are bloody but not dripping blood. What else can I do for my little guy? I feel so bad. Despite knowing I tried doing everything I could to make his transition into my flock a smooth one, he has gotten severely injured! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as with your help in the past. Thanks in advance,
Laura & the injured Speck
Give him electrolytes in his water if he is eating and drinking ok, he should be fine.
How old is Speck?
It sounds like you did the integration process properly. There are other factors that could come into play. I'm sure more knowledgeable people than myself will chime in here, but lets start with some information.
How old are your hens? How many hens? How old is the young cockerel? How big is the cockerel? Size can be a big issue. Using introduction processes for three weeks may not be long enough if the boy is significantly smaller than the hens. Yes he wants to be with the flock because chickens are very social creatures. However if your hens are more fully grown and older they aren't ready for some pipsqueek to come barging in. I'd get him healed a bit away from the flock but not for long. If hes not bleeding and you don't have lots of first aid to give daily I'd put him back in the introduction cage till he is big enough to take care of himself. They will be able to see him and eat near him. When he is finally released make sure he has several places in the run where he can escape the gals without getting cornered. Hang in there for more advice from others. Good luck!
Oh, and some pictures of the area would help us give you advice.
Speck is young, about 6 months old,or so. He hast started crowing yet.
What kind of hens? How old? What kind of cockerel?
Most likely he needs to grow up a bit more and the separation pen needs to be fortified so that no one can get in or out (once his injuries heal - I wouldn't even chance him being out there with such injuries).
The breeder I got my Wyandotte roo from said she had someone put a young cockerel in with a bunch of hens and they ended up killing him. My hens are pretty docile and by the time I got my cockerel he was bigger than they are. He still got pecked even with a separation phase. But nothing too serious. Every once in awhile I see a few peck marks on his comb. :D
The electrolytes are called save a chick. There are others, but it's easy enough to add to water. You could try vet rx too.

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