Very pleased with my flock!


Apr 24, 2017
hello! My father-in-law dropped off a bud light box with six chicks on my doorstep Easter morning. At first, I had very mixed thoughts because I had wanted chickens for a long time, but that dream faded as kids and household responsibilities grew. To say the least, my three boys were so excited, so I figured that I was officially now destined to live the "chicken lifestyle". It looks, so far, to be five, red sex-link hens, and one, ranger rooster. They free range around my house and get a little more brave every day. My family loves the entertainment factor they provide and can't wait to have our first "omelette party"!
Thank you, everyone! Should I start adding any diatomaceous earth to their food? And how often? I want to keep them worm free and pest free.
DE will not do a thing for keeping worms and lice and mites away.
Save your money.

Keeping a clean coop and feeding your chickens properly will do way more than DE.

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