Very sick 4 year old Americana hen


Sep 22, 2020
About 6 weeks ago, she developed a wry neck which has not improved even with vitamins. Then about 4 weeks ago she developed lumps around her right eye. She had mites crawling around her head during all of this which she probably got from a new chicken I bought. The coop and chickens have been treated for the mites several times and they appear to be gone. The lumps around her right eye have increased in size to about 1 cm each and are now softer. One has some necrotic tissue over the surface, she also has sticky saliva in her mouth. I have been tube feeding her for about 10 days now, 55 cc per day. Her weight dropped from 2.28 kg in July to 1.54 kg last week. She had 11 days of Baytril which was then stopped. I suspect she has wet fowl pox. I am treating her supportively but with little improvement. She can only stand very briefly and keeps her neck constantly twisted as decribed above. Please help me.

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