Very Small Coturnix? Please Help explain if you know why?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Barn Yard Birds, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Feb 5, 2012
    I bought some Coturnix babies from this lady she also had some button quail babies as well. I saw the little area where she had the buttons in a fish aquarium. but never saw the coturnix adults. Well I took them out of the brooder and put them in there cages a few wekks ago. I just took even num,bers in each cage and thought when i can tell which are boys and girls I will switch them. Well when it came around to putting everyone in there proper cages I noticed something. That 5 of the ones I taken out had not grown any larger. Now all the others coturnix I had got from her are almost like jumbos. But these 5 appear to look like males.. There chest are extremmly darker then the othere males that are jumbos. But these birds apprear in size to the same size they were when I took them out at 4 weeks old. They are not going to get bigger they are full grown now. I have only had the larger coturnix. I would have to say they are very thin chested skinny. Just by the description I have said they look like can anyone tell me if there are. THe other thing about them is all my coturnix are friendly.. these are spooked easily jump around scared just like my buttons do.. Here is one of my therorys it almost looks like a cross between a button quail and coturnix. but most likely wrong.. Please Help

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