Vet tech gets bit - Dog now on death row


Positively Ducky
11 Years
Oct 2, 2008
This is so IDIOTIC!

"Spork is a 10-year-old, 17-pound dachshund that has been featured on magazine covers and named dog of the month. He's also a vicious dog according to the city of Lafayette because he bit a veterinary technician.

The idea that Spork is vicious is something Spork's owners have a hard time accepting. "Every night I tuck him into bed. If he doesn't have a blanket on him, he starts crying, I have to get up and make sure he's covered," Kelly Walker, Spork's owner says.

She and her husband Tim are charged with having a vicious dog, after taking their dog to the Jasper Veterinary Hospital for dental surgery. "I was holding him and he bit her on the chin," Kelly Walker says. She also says the vet tech got too close to Spork's face with some scissors, and that scared him.

Under state law, people that work with animals are exempt from filing charges in dog bite situations. But the city of Lafayette told Spork's owners that city rules apply in this case and they will face charges. "To have this happen... the city of Lafayette just wanted to go out for blood and prosecute my husband and I and possibly execute our dog," Kelly Walker says.",0,6746834.story

Maybe the city and the animal hospital need to hear from some pet owners.

Seriously...nobody wants to get bit, but if you are a vet tech, don't you except an occasional bite from a scared animal????
thought they mildly doped up dogs when they did their teeth? thats what would have to happen if anybody needed to go near my mutts mouth if it wasn't familly.
My sister is a dog & cat groomer. She'll get bit on the hand maybe once every couple of years. (she's been doing this for 30 yrs) It goes with the territory. The place where she works has a connection with a local vet and when she gets bit they take care of it for her with meds or stitches and follow up on it.
OOh, THIS gets me mad.... What a bunch of BS...
Are they frickin kidding?? If you dont want to get bit...DONT work with animals people!
Hmm, hate to see if that were a Pit Bull. It would have already been executed no questions asked and no fuss really made. I think the same rules should apply to all dogs large and small. I think it is ridiculous either way. What else does a dog do to defend themselves? Coming at it with scissors close to the face=getting bit. Even my 5 year old niece would know that. People are so stupid.
Oh Good heavens...that vet tech needs a swift kick in the arse out the door...maybe she'd be better off flipping burgers at McDonald's than messing with animals. It is a dachshund for god's sake not a wolfhound...come on.

Stuff like this ticks me off why on earth do they go into a field when they cannot handle the consequences that will eventually happen?

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