VetRX for Rabbits With snuffles

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    Im wondering is the caged bird variety of VetRX is same as the rabbit kind. I have caged bird vetrx but my feed store doesnt sell the rabbit one. I looked it up online and it has the same exact ingredients as well. So would it be safe to use caged bird remedy vetrx on rabbits?

    I have been pet sitting my sisters dutch bun for a week and will continue for a couple of more weeks and today I noticed he has the symptoms of snuffles. Now if your familiar with rabbits you'll know it isnt a curable disease. the buns only go into remission. So vetrx is a good thing to use especially early on. I believe he was a carrier of the disease already and the symptoms are showing due to stress. The day before he was out in the yard and a lot of finches and chickadees came down to eat the left over of the guinea seeds. The smaller birds were scared away by the scrub jays, who then decided to yell at the rabbit who also wanted some seeds. He was really scared and would run when I approached, I finally scared off the birds and he calmed down but it was clear he was stressed. The whites of his eyes were showing and he was breathing very heavily. He also kept thumping his foot.

    We already tried vet medication on another rabbit who had snuffles but they didnt work as the symptoms showed up again after a while. Then we found out that snuffles isnt curable and that most breeders cull their buns who have it. Of course thats not an option for us since these are pets.

    I also have organic dandelion root tea. Dandelions are really good for rabbits but would the tea be safe to give to him. I would just brew it and then let it cool and give him a few drops(tsp?). Of course I wont give him any without finding out if its safe.

    Im sorry about all of these questions; rabbits arent my specialty.


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