I've never order from them, but I've read they have a good reputation. They sell either eggs or chicks. His flocks look very nice.
I would personally not. I know of a few folks who ordered from him...eggs are not even dark enough to be considered Marans eggs, and stock hatched as 75% sports!
I won an auction on Eggbid from Valentine Hatcheries of blue marans. Well.... out of all the birds that hatched only 1 was blue the remaining we all different colors under the rainbow. I e-mailed Ray about this and all he had to say was sometimes that happens. Well I've hatched many, many eggs and it's never happened. I know how the blue gene works so I was expecting blue, black, or splash, but not red, brown, and gold. I will never do business w/ him again. There are others on byc who've had nice results w/ his eggs though.

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