Vintage Egg Laying Chart


12 Years
Jun 5, 2007
New England
I've posted a PDF of a vintage egg record chart on my blog for you to download and print out. Some people keep computer spread sheets - too complicated for me! Some don't keep records at all, but I like to add up all of the eggs. This chart from 1926 suits my needs. Out of a small flock of retired hens and new pullets, I got 1,000 eggs in 2011. I'd have never known that without my chart. So, here it is. Enjoy following your flock's production this year!
Many thanks!
Printed and filled it out to date. I will hang this in my kitchen on a bulletin board! Very useful!
Hi R4E boxer- I'd love to get Pilgrim geese. Have heard good things about their personalities. What do you think?
I think it is great! My Pilgrims are so entertaining, they are not aggressive at all (only will be during mating and egg season, but that is to be expected with any geese).

Pilgrims are the only geese I have owned and I always wonder how other breeds behave. I would never believe geese are aggressive if I hadn't read instances on this forum. I'd say go for Pilgrims for SURE!
Terryg and all:

It occured to me what a bunch of chicken heads we all are. I mean seriously watching someone else's chickens on camera.

If I look at that from an objective standpoint it's crazy.
Well, One of the Girls, in reality, how much that we do has any objectivity at all? I've been told that the HenCam is a "window of sanity" into many people's lives. So, in that way, it makes much sense!
Hi Terryg,

Hope you weren't offended by my comment. It was meant to make you and others chuckle. I even watched your chickens for a while. I've got my own to watch too. Cheers and best wishes for a fine 2012 to you.

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