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  1. My rooster died yesterday. I wanted to post about it, but that is so depressing. Who wants to read a post about someone's dead pet? Then I would be even more sad because no one cared.

    So here is my idea: We make a virtual cemetary, a place to remember an honor pets who are no longer with us. Post pics, stories, or just names and why you miss them. Doesn't matter how long they have been gone, if you miss them, post them.

    My beloved Blue Laced Red Wyandotte rooster, Crimson, hatched the last day of February, 2009, died on June 16th, 2010, after losing his voice the previous week. Although he seemed otherwise healthy, he is gone now and he will be missed. He was the best rooster I ever had. He was never agressive with the family, always watchful and generous with his hens, beautiful, and confident. Goodbye my friend. I only hope I have the good fortune to get another like you out of my 5 new chicks.

    Goodbye Cinnamon, Jersey steer, Who lived 11 years. My darling steer, rescued from certain death at a dairy came to me, still damp when I was only 12 years old. I bottle raised him, and will never forget the day I sat with him for hours because he was afraid of the thunderstorm, or how he would sneak up behind you and lick you. I miss you.

    Goodbye Panda, my Kitty, who was rescued from drowning by my cousin. He lived to be ten and was the strangest cat I have ever known. He would walk on a leash and loved to go camping. He backed down cat killing dogs with ease, even when he weighed less than a single pound. He is irreplacable.

    Goodbye to Nazul, the first pet I ever had on my own. I adopted him as a tiny kitten the last week I lived in the SOU dorms. A feral kitten, he was less than generous with his affection, but he always made sure I knew he loved me. He respected my rules and though he was a fierce hunter, I could trust him alone with orphaned birds I was caring for because he wouln't hurt them if he knew I cared about them. At six years old, he was hit by a car and left in the ditch outside my house. It is excruciatingly painful thinking of how I had to leave his grave behind when our lease expired and we were forced to move.

    So many others have passed, but it is these who have left the biggest hole in the last few years. My room mate told me that I have seen so much death because I constantly surround myself with life. I suppose it is true. And as bad as it hurts to loose my dear pets, it is better to have loved and lost.
    I am glad to have known each of them.
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    RIP Streatchy - We got her already full grown. She was a lovely old lady, and she lived a nice, long life. She was friends with the head hen, Goldie, who missed her very much. When Goldie goes, they will be buried next to each other.


    RIP Spot - She was the most meticulous hen; she always kept herself very clean. She was named Spot because she had one black feather when she was young. She liked to be held and pet, and she liked to sit in my coat in the winter.


    Tamra - Crimson was a beautiful, priceless rooster. Roos like that are one in a million; I hope you get another one equally as priceless.
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    RIP Missy, my sweet Old English Game banty that I only had 2 months but loved her dearly. She would come running and jump on my lap. She died eventually of an unknown disease that paralized her leg then her left side. Poor chickie. [​IMG]
    RIP Kimberly, my Golden Campine who would follow me everywhere after I saved her life. She was so sweet! She had been secretly brooding under the deck and a racoon got her. I hate racoons.
    RIP Amber, my Modern Game banty who disappeared.
    RIP Bandit and Angel, Barred Rock and Buff Orpington, who got killed by rats as chicks while my friend was taking care of them.

    Now I feel sad! [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]

    Sonny, my son! You were my constant companion for 16 wonderful years, and I miss you mightily!
  8. I am so sorry all of you. I know a lot of people don't understand that pets can be family too. I feel so sad for those who don't have any humans in their life who can understand their grief loosing an animal friend. "Just a dog/cat/chicken" is NOT what they were to those who loved them. My pets are family, and they deserve to be remembered.
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    RIP Molly our beloved chocolatte lab, we loved her very much but when she bit Our three year old we had to put her down:(
  10. Ebony and Char, my pair of black jersey giant hens, have now both passed in their attempt to bring up the next generation. They went broody together, and one of them expired halfway through incubating her eggs. I gave them to her sister, who hatched out only 2 of the 10 eggs they had between them. When the dog attack happened, my hen gave her life protecting the last surviving chick. We burried her yesterday. I can only hope that the survior was truly one of theirs and a pullet, but I won't know till it grows up.

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