Virtually no progress!!


5 Years
Mar 15, 2014
East Texas
Duckling started hatching around 3:00 pm. it is now 6:45, and there is pretty much no progress.... help needed? or do I leave it alone?:idunno
LOL! Get used to waiting. Hours of 'no progress.' From my experience, it'll be a miracle if you have a duckling today.

Here are two great guides:

My first one hatched a week and a few hours ago. They may have taken extra long, but it is not quick at all. If you listen carefully, depending how many eggs you have, it sounds like rain. Tons of drops. That's them mining away at the shell. They probably averaged 24+hrs each.

The first pipped on Sunday night, the last hatched Wednesday. (The 1st one to pip definitely didn't hatch til Tuesday)
Thanks everyone, I am used to hatching chicks and peacocks. We had a peacock hatch last week that took less than 3.5 hours to hatch. He just EXPLODED out of that egg. I'm not used to hatchings taking so long. BTW baby is out, he got shrink-wrapped and was 4 days early, but he is doing fine as of the moment.
Oh thank goodness! Keep us posted on the others ok? And of course, upload pics ASAP. :p

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