Vomit odor in couch--HELP!!


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
Northern Indiana
The other morning, my long haired cat threw up on our t.v. room couch. No big deal really, I thought. However upon closer inspection, it was runny and no solids, so out came the shampooer and me off to do my wonderful cat owning duties of cleaning up after the little hairball.

Anyway, now after shampooing the couch TWICE, there is still an odor. Normally, I don't smell anything, but it's so strong that it smells like human vomit. Seriously.
And I can't seem to get rid of the smell. I'm ready to throw my couch out and light it on fire.

I seem to smell it throughout the house, but I have an incredibly sensitive nose. I think it's horrible and DH can only smell it if he's in that room...not good enough for me!! I don't want to smell it at all!!

Any suggestions as to how to get rid of this will be tried and greatly appreciated!!
you can try to mix half water half amonia in spray bottle then scrub with wet rag I woudl make sure it wont stain though but I have used this on my carpet. In my car everywhere and had no prob Good luck
Go to the local janitorial supply. You will find a lot of products with enzymes formulated to get rid of odors by chemically breaking them down rather than just masking them.
My favorite with stinky shoes is to fill with dry baking soda and leave for a week in the dry garage - could you do something like that for the sofa? Load the area with baking soda and cover with a towel for a few days...

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