Vote for the best brown layer!!!

Which is the most balanced, profitable and sustainable layer of brown eggs for a homestead?

  • rhode island red

  • black australorp

  • light sussex

  • delaware

  • white plymouth rock

  • barred plymouth rock

  • new hamshire

  • silver laced wyandotte

  • golden laced wyandotte

  • welsummer

  • black copper marans FL

  • blue plymouth rock

  • light columbian plymouth rock

  • light columbian wyandotte

  • black jersey giant

  • black langshan FL

  • black orpington

  • buff orpington

  • chocolate orpington

  • bielefelder

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Thomas Lamprogiorgos

5 Years
Oct 19, 2017
Red Sexlinks are great brown egg-layers laying up to 300 eggs annually.

A) They are not a breed.
B) They are usually sold debeaked.
C) They are designed to need high-density feed.
D) Their tendency to lay huge eggs makes their small bodies burn out fast.

I adore RSL from hy-line and from dominant CZ, but they are hybrids, not breeds, they can't be compared to a heritage breed because they live indoors for more than 80 years and they lost much of the information needed to adapt outsides.
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RIP 1975-2022
5 Years
May 23, 2017
Greenville S.C, formerly Noneya U.S.A
Yes they can. And you've got to factor in less losses due to infighting and predation. Doms are much, much better at avoiding being eaten. No winter break, and the ones here laid through molt. ;)
I don't believe that dominiques can come close to RIR.
But, they are better than many options I put.
I will try to add them as an option.

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