Wait, Mr. Sun, where are you going?

I'll Fly Away

Jul 31, 2018
East Texas
A few of my birds are lamenting the time change. :love


Free Ranging
6 Years
Jul 26, 2016
Connecticut, USA
I like standard time. I go to work before sunrise.
The upside;
My chickens are in the coop and locked up before 5 pm, instead of 9 pm.
I'm in bed earlier.
I get more sleep.:celebrate
The downside;
It's dark when I get home, can't enjoy the outdoors.
It's cold here.
We get snow, shoveling gets boring after the second snow storm.
Egg production slows or stops.
Opening the coop, checking feed and water in sub-freezing temperatures.
Shoveling snow in uncovered pen.
Frozen eggs. Fortunately I can check for eggs in the middle of the day, so I only get a couple each winter when it's teens or below Fahrenheit.
Weekly cleaning of my small coops in Freezing temperatures is not fun.
Okay; I changed my mind, give me Daylight savings time. GC

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