Waiting on hay!


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Taunton, England
We are waiting on a local farmer to bring down some hay as we have run out, while we're waiting I'm thinking of a temporary substitute for it so they still have something to root around in, would shredded newspaper suffice? I don't see why it wouldn't be ok apart from the fact they'll probably try to eat it or something

Yeah, they'll try to eat it. I used shredded paper with my chicks-some ate it and didn't seem to suffer. They sure did have a blast in it, though.

Pine shavings work well

Just make sure you have good ventilation when using either substrates.
Hmm. Well I'll definitely shred some up tomorrow just in case our hay guy doesn't come. Or just bite the bullet and pay extortionate prices from the pet store.

It would be interesting to see them playing in it though. I made them a dust bath with some dirt from a big pack cos it's done nothing but rain here for the last 4 days. They wouldn't use it while I was there. But coming back ALOT of it was demolished out haha. They must have had a blast.

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