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Apr 13, 2010
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I'd like to order some wall mounted feeders for the coop & was wondering if anybody had any suggestions where to get them??

I ordered a couple from Nasco, but they are way to small, I'll use them for grit & Oyster shell.

This is a bigger deal than I anticipated, I cant seem to find any that hold a decent amount of feed & are reasonable. Should I be looking for dog feeders or hog feeders, not poultry feeders??

If you have any photos of your wall mounted feeders, please post them!!! This will help alot too.

P.S.- no, my darling wont make me one, he is about ready to spontaneously combust from making the coop and trying to finish it. It is cutting into his motorcycle riding time.....
I built mine out of 3" PVC (not the schedule 40 kind, it's overkill and expensive), a 45 degree elbow, then a 90 degree elbow. I based mine on several other examples from this board. It cost me around $10 to make, and probably holds 30 lbs. + of feed. I had to put a cap on the end to reduce the amount of waste. I cut half of the cap off so there is a lip that keeps the feed from being flung out by the chickens. I love it!

P.S. The cap over the bottom was put on after this picture

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they are way to small

How much do they hold?

Here are some, but without knowing the size of yours, it's impossible to say if these are bigger:


Wall Mounted Feeder
Ideal for small pens of poultry, bantams or gamebirds. 25 lb feed capacity. Bottom slants forward with feed level adjustment. Durable galvanized steel construction. No cover. 8 3/4" x 18" x 16"H. Does have cut outs in back wall for placement on nails or hangers of your choice.

Covered Feeder

16 Lb. capacity. Use indoors or outdoors. feedsaver flange prevents waste and protects birds. 12"W x 14" H x 6" D​
Thanks for the replies.

I went to Central Tractor & they didnt have anything! I hate my Central Tractor here, they never have anything & the salespeople are just awful.

The ones I got will be ok for grit & shell, but maybe a 2-3 lb capacity

I will check out the Strombergs ones-

Two feeders with a 10lb capacity is good.

Sparrow- Thanks for the photo--that is really unusual feeder!!!! Great though, I love it!!!
That looks wonderful, but I was looking for wall mounted feeders. I have limited space in my coop....
I did pick up 2 wall mounted baby pig feeders I had to order online...
Hopefully they will work out nicely
The feeder I have is built into the coop. It holds 50 lbs of feed
the sides are the wall studs. I adapted it from Nifty's idea.
Not sure how to get a picture here but you can see it on my page
let me know if this helps.

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