Want to find a farmer to raise out chicks for me


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Apr 10, 2010
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Hi all,

I have developed a hybrid meat bird that the local restaurants are interested in buying but I have no interest in raising them out myself. Did that, didn't enjoy it! I like to raise the breeders and hatch the eggs...

Anyway, does anyone know a large poultry farmer (maybe someone that Tyson dumped) in the Missouri/Kansas area who might be interested in playing? It would be an experiment to see if we could make enough profit to make it worth our while.

I am needing to plan for next year because if I am going to do this, I will need to increase my breeding flock.


There are some older, smaller broiler buildings out there that the owners might be interested in having a contract to raise chickens in for you. 3 years is about the minimum length of a contract and they will expect to have birds in them about 45 weeks per year. There may be question about your track record with a new enterprise so it will take several million dollars of surity bonds to get the whole thing rolling.

The buildings will be around 50' wide and 4 to 500' long.

The farmer will supply the buildings, labor, water and electric. You would supply the chicks, heat, litter, bedding, medication if needed, loading and live haul, and of course the feed. Since the chickens will be yours to get processed you better think about that and getting them sold each week. The farmer gets the manure for hauling it out.

You will need about six to seven thousand breeder hens to get enough eggs in a week to fill a house and you will filll a house every week so it will take 52 divided by the weeks needed to grow the experimental chicks (plus a little for chean out and get ready for new chicks)

That is the way it works with broiler houses. The banks in broiler growing areas will be able to tell you about the finanacing, if you need any.

I suggest that you think some what smaller.
Think a WHOLE lot smaller!!! I was thinking to do well with only a few thousand per month. Grow small and wise is my philosophy. Because I'm selling quality v/s quantity I also want to incorporate higher standards than the regular broiler system. Free range, better feed (probably not organic though) and humane treatment. The people who are interested in my birds want these standards in place!!! Of course, they are willing to pay for them as well...


I'm editing this to state if someone wanted to go organic, we could discuss this as well. We would have to upcharge for this but I'm sure some of the restaurants would want this level of quality.
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