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  1. Yesterday my son was getting really mad about his temp in the incubator it keep saying it was 85 degrees. He fooled with it and it never would go up to were it should be. He fussed that he would loose the whole batch. So I go to town trying to find him a heating element and come back. He was still fuming and I could not find what he was looking for. I asked his older brother if he could see what was going on. His older brother turned it up and tried watching it. Then I told them to come back and recheck it.. They both started laughing and saying how dumb they were........the therometer was outside of the box not in were it needed to have been......It was too funny but great that he did not loose the batch.
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    May 24, 2007

    Glad it was so "easy" to fix!! Hope he gets a great hatch.
  3. Came home from church and there were 10 fuzz little Bar Rocks so it seems to working out fine.....It was a great little laugh ..[​IMG]
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    LOL I understand his frustration -

    I did a similar thing with the humidity - I kept trying to figure out why it would not go up after much fussing - then went DUH! You have to put the WHOLE thing inside to read the humidity (DUH DUH DUH!) -

    LOL GLad all worked out well.


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