Want to remove roo's spurs... but scared to DEATH

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by swordgeek, Jul 16, 2010.

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    It's time to remove my WCBP's spur. They things are several inches long, and very sharp. When he walks, it's like watching cogs on a wheel. And now that he has a bunch of hens to play with, I'm concerned for their safety. I've gotten mauled by the suckers several times (flogged?), and want them GONE.

    I've watched the youtube video that people here recommend, along with others like it. I've read people's posts. I'm still scared to death of hurting him. Is it really as easy as it looks? Hold him firmly, grab the spur with pliers about an inch above the base (so as not to pinch the squishy bits below), and twist/rock till it comes off? Really? That's it? Should I smear some Neosporin on the stumps when I'm done, or will he be OK without?
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    Use a hot baked potato out of the microwave (wear an oven glove) and place the hot potato on one of the spurs without touching his leg. Let it sit for one minute,remove potato and easily pull the spur off with pliers. Do the same thing with the other spur. There is no pain for the rooster as long as you dont touch his leg with the hot potato. Wipe the small spur off with betadine or weak iodine solution. The small spur is bone, I never cut that off because my hens had saddles anyway. I also heard that if the bone is cut, it'll bleed like crazy...another reason I didnt mess with it. Once you're done, give the potato to your roo, you'll be his best friend then lol.

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