want to replace some chickens we lost


12 Years
May 10, 2010
New to chickens and had a breach in my yard and lost 3 of my 8 week old chickens today. My kids are very distraught over this and I promised we get more chickens to replace. Before I just put all kept all the chicks in a box for about 6 weeks and then put them in the coop. How do I add new chickens to the coop can I just add the new ones when they are 6-8 weeks as well. What is the common procedure for this.
not a rocket science really.... they have their pecking order, put newcomers (more than 1) in a separate cage for a few hours next to the main run, take the most dominant one out, put in the new ones, there will be a bit of squables, nothing to worry about but keep an eye on them to make sure they don't draw blood.... they will sleep in separate part of the coop for a few days, introduce the boss back after a couple of days. Younger chickens are easier to introduce as they automatically assume the lower rank in the hierarchy...
Check at night to make sure they're all sleeping IN the coop, food/ treat is a great distracting tool when introducing new ones...
I was planning on getting about 5 baby chicks brooding them in a box in the house and then putting them in the coop afte 6 weeks. by that time my 3 current chickens (ones a rooster I might have to get rid of) will be 4 months old. My last batch i started letting them run around outside for a while after two weeks. would it work to create a seperation in the run I can put the chicks in and then when they are big enough to go in the coop it won't be a problem?

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