Wanted-assorted hatch eggs


8 Years
Feb 6, 2011
Sterling, CO
Some wild animal killed all our chickens! Major bummer. These were mostly 1/2 grown banyard mixes we'd hatched out from our own flock. My 5 yr old daughter was HEARTBROKEN to learn that Cupcake (the 1st chick we ever hatched) was dead. I have picks of her with CupCake as a fresh hatchling and she had him very tame, etc. I now only have our ducks left, apparenlty this predator doesn't like duck meat. Does anyone have any modest prices hatch eggs available? We can pay reasonable price & ship or pick up if local. We have had success with hatching our own and some shipped eggs. We are just not going to be able to allow free range anymore. The chickens will have quite large converted grain bin coop and run. I will let them out during day only when we are home. I'm a nurse & was working 2nd shift so the free run chickens were out until late at night and got killed. I'm looking for assorted layer types and bantams, mix breed OK, a couple dozen would be great. Thanks in advance!

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