Wanted: Mystery Egg Assortment


Jan 13, 2019
Is there anyone here who would sell me an assortment of mystery chicken eggs? I will order two batches, from two different sellers. One in February and one in March (of 2021). I'll buy about 20 eggs each time. I am just trying to plan out my hatching season and have seller's lined up and ready so it's all worked out beforehand. The more assortment the better. I want to try out breeds I would have never thought to have tried. Mixed breeds, hybrids, crossbreeds, purebreds, bantams, standards, show-quality, pet quality, meat birds, layers, pets............. I will take them all! I'll pay $2 per egg (unless that seems unreasonable) plus shipping. PM or post in this thread if you'll have a nice assortment of eggs that I can buy next spring! Only chickens please. Please don't sell me all of one or two breeds. Let me know! Super excited already :drool

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