Warm Eggs :)


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Nov 27, 2012
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One day I was lucky enough to go to the nesting box and my girl laid the egg eight in my hand!
Have never had one laid in my hand!

I usually close the box back up if I see a feathery backside when I open the door.
I sometimes stay and watch, from front or back, and see it drop or emerge.
Most my girls are pretty tolerant on the presence.


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Nov 3, 2019
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Anyone else absolutely love opening the box and picking up an egg that's still toasty warm from being laid?

My newest layer gave me a reward first thing this morning when I opened the coop just after dawn. I just stood there and held it for a minute to enjoy the perfect warm roundness of the miracle that is an egg. :)
Best feeling ever!


Oct 17, 2020
Northern MN
I brought fermented grain to mine for the first time this morning. They flew out of the nest boxes and attacked that stuff like they'd been starved for a week! I was gathering the eggs that had already been laid when I heard a strange noise. One of the hens that had been in the nest box popped out an egg right next to my foot while her head was shoved in the feed pan. There's nothing like watching the bloom dry.
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Went out to try to get Chipotle's egg since I'd caught her in the box earlier. Found Cordon in the box. Was going to leave her be and go back in but she got up and I was able to get two beautiful, warm eggs instead of just one.

They must have been waiting in line.

Whoever is laying the smaller, terracotta-colored eggs -- Teriyaki or Popcorn -- put hers in the other box. Which is an improvement because the first 3 were in nests dug into the coop bedding.


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Jul 3, 2016
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I've been reluctant to risk disturbing them and start them laying somewhere other than the boxes.

As with anything, you can train them to more or less shrug off your presence while they're laying.

Last time I was doing my coop clean out, I had two birds in the boxes, laying. I raked and swept and scraped, moved stuff around, and cleaned out everything except the area under and immediately in front of the boxes. Neither one was bothered by what I was doing and sat until they finished laying.

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