Warm winter hats for Roosters


7 Years
Jul 9, 2016
Russell, Kansas
I made my roosters winter hats.

Yes. I can already hear it. “They don’t need hats or heat, I live at the South Pole and my chickens live with penguins and never need heat or hats.

I’m doing this for me.

It makes me feel better when their heads are warm.

Also. It makes me laugh. (I’m mostly doing it for this reason.)

it’s basically a 5 inch by 5 inch square of fleece folded in half and sewn on 3 sides with a hole for the base. I use a dot of liquid bandage to stick it on.

I once had a rooster who got blisters the size of nickels from the cold. I am not living through that guilt again. In addition to a coop with more ventilation, I make hats.

Does the liquid bandage glue it to their combs? Just a bit confused on that part

Ok. Look at the last photo of the hats. On the bottom edge you see part of the hat that isn’t a finished edge? (Left bottom of hat.)

That is the opening. You feed the back of the comb up through to the end of the hat. The opening is where the comb joins the head.

I put a drop of liquid bandage on each side of the comb at the front near the opening of the hat where the comb meets the head.

It keeps the hat in place so they can’t shake it off.
I love that!! My rooster Napoleon who passed away this summer would have loved to have had one of these! He got such terrible frostbite a few years ago, his wattles froze solid because they got wet and his comb was super cold. They turned black and he had infection and almost died, but he pulled through, and unfortunately, per vets orders, had to be kept in a cage in the coop whenever it was below 32*F. He hated being in there! But on a positive note I was so in tune with the temperature I felt like Mother Nature herself. I could practically step outside and tell you the temperature exactly because I was always moving him back and forth because I didn’t want him to be inside a second longer than he had to be. My current rooster has a small comb but these are such a good idea honestly.

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