was at emergency vet at 11:30 last night pics


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
this morning gave paulie Pain meds he seems alot better , gave him babyfood, pellets, oatmeal , and gave him a shower

yesterday one I was in my room folding laundry when all of the sudden i heard this terrible noise
Paulie ( my blue crown ) had climbed onto my Bare eyed toos cage i had forgot to latch the cage .... sunshine was trying to pull him in by the beak
I grabbed Paulie and toweled him my white tank top was soaked with blood , i called every vet i could it was 8:00
I finally found a vet 45 mins away and they were ready for us, my mom was trying to calm me down because i felt horrible
I was hysterical this is my baby boy and i felt horrible i should have never been so stupid , i have had parrots for a very long time and have never had something like this happen

they gave me a wet towel to wipe myself off with and took paulie around back , they packed his beak , put him on twice a day pain killers and Baytril
he is now at home very far away from sunshine
he seems like he is okay bring ing him back to day to get a check up

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Thank you
i thought i was the only one but on my other parrot forum someone told me accidents can happen even with the most dedicated owner so i dont feel like such a idiot
Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened. This is (sadly) one of the more common types of injuries parrots face in multi-parrot households... beak and foot injuries by other parrots. I'm so glad that you were able to get Paulie help right away! This can happen to anyone and is a good reminder about the dangers parrots can pose to one another. I like to have my birds loose when I am home to supervise, and to prevent this I have found that having 'safe' areas such as gyms and boings help to give them places they can fly to without landing on each other's cages (which is where the most danger comes from).

I hope he heals up quickly!
Thank you everyone for being so kind ,
I gave Paulie the 10:00 Painkiller this morning so he is kinda drowsy
I am buying a playgym soon i have been wanting one for a while i will be checking craigslist
Poor baby! If the beak is damaged, it can be repaired with marine epoxy. It takes an experienced vet to do this. as the fumes can be toxic and she has to be intubated.

I once helped treat a Blue-front that lost an encounter with a Chow. Unfortunately, she lost her entire upper beak! She did make it though, and diet-wise, it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She had been a seed-addict, but she had to switch to varied baby food that she could "suck up". Certainly made her voice a little different, too. Her whistle was kind of a woooo-wooo, instead the usual wolf-whistle.
aww thats sweet my Paulie loves Baby food all my birds do exspecially the pear kind or chicken

the beak was filled with something but there were no oral legions so it is mainly just cosmetic

He is 20 years old and was a pet sold at a exotics auction to a guy who wanted to breed parrots $$$$$ but it didnt work out so he sold him at a poultry show i was at to me for $100 saying he was wild and mean imagine his face when i said step up and "the bird" stepped up and started making kissy noises and talking LOL I know his name was Paulie becasue when i brought him home he kept saying "Hello Paulie"

I am his final stop and he is Happy it was just a huge accident and I feel terrible
But he is My baby I gladly Paid that Vet bill and was proud to hear them tell me what a good boy he was
I am glad I was there though or it proboblly would have been the whole top beak
This sort of stuff happens. I've heard and known people who worked with birds their whole life, but accidentally killed one by closing a door on it, leaving the toilet seat up and having it drown, having experienced raptor handlers making a misjudgment that gets them a golden eagle talon through their ulna, etc. It doesn't mean that you won't feel awful about it, but rather, the fact that you feel awful about it means I'll bet 50 bucks that you become so aware over cage placement, that this particular situation never happens again. You learned from this, and that is all you can do. Well, that and you got your bird proper care right away. Just like any responsible bird owner would do.

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