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Apr 18, 2015
I was given a rooster and a hen both just over a year. They weren't in the best shape. The poor girl had some of her comb ripped off by the rooster they told me. The rooster is a little aggressive with her and doesn't leave her side. And I'm not sure what to do. I have them separate from my others for now. They are older than my 20 other girls. Who are only 2 months. They told me the hen hasn't laid any eggs yet? But she is a year old...? is that normal? And I am wondering what they are? They said they are white laying?? IDK what that means.

They are not in what i have them in. These are the photos given to me. Also their feet are scaly what can i do?
Look like LF White Cochins to me....but those would be brown egg layers. However, if the previous owner has never seen an egg produced by the hen they may be misinformed about the color she should produce. They aren't really prolific egg layers and do tend to be a slow to mature breed.
They look look like standard size White Cochins, that explains why she hasn't laid an egg yet because they are very slow to mature. The reason he thinks he knows what color egg they will lay is because all chickens of the same breed generally lay the same egg color. I'm also assuming he was misinformed about the egg color because Cochins lay a brown colored egg not white. Now about the rooster, roosters will get aggressive when they don't have enough hens to mate with, once they have been quarantined for three months, the other chicks should be laying so the rooster won't just mate with her and injure her and give her a break. In the meantime I would buy her a hen saddle so she doesn't get over mated. I have noticed that birds that have feathered legs legs look scalier.
Ok The hen is extremely sweet! The rooster is not too bad in temperament. But atleast I know that maybe she is just overbred by him. I will keep them separated for the time being. We do currently have about 26 pullets and one cockerel I'm pretty sure there should be plenty for him when they are ready and old enough. Thank you
when do you think she would probably start laying? I mean I've heard some people say when her back end is fluffed? or when they squat? I'm not really sure what to look for to see if she would be laying. They said she was just over a year. Is it possible for her to be too stressed to even lay.
Cochins are usually regarded as poor layers. Not that many eggs, with long breaks between laying cycles.

A hen approaching lay has their faces combs and wattles turning a deep red. It looks like she may be going to lay soon-ish in that picture.

Not much comment on scaly legs..... if the scales do look crusty, uplifted and all messy.. you can cover their legs with anything sticky and stays on, this will drown the mites.. they burrow down into the skin and stay there, that is why they are relatively easy to kill- vaseline, dog/cat shampoo, even cooking spray etc, apply every day for a week. Or you can give them ivermectin- it is a dewormer but will kill any blood sucking mites, which is what scaly leg mites are.
I looked at their legs doesn't seem like crazy scaly?.. Ive read up on the leg mites and i was wondering if it wouldn't hurt to do it anyway as a precaution. I had cleaned up her feet soaked her a little in some warm water and found out she is missing the ends of her toes so no nail at all on them, except maybe one on each foot. Also is it normal for chickens to just chill with their mouths open a little. I am fairly new to raising chickens, and we only have red sex linked, barred rock, and cinnamon queens. I don't really know all that much if any at all about cochins. I agreed to take them since they were in a small coop and weren't getting the right nutrients. They had just started her on laying feed.. So I just felt bad for them. But it was fun watching them run around the run and eat what grass was still there lol. TIA

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