was in hospital with DS last night, so glad I co-sleep


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Dec 16, 2008
Well its been a fun night
been back for a little while and finally relaxing on BYC.

Last night ds woke up with a horrible cough Croup (sp?) he was fine when we went to bed a few hours earlier. Thank God I co-sleep cause I heard it right away and he could barely get air in. He has asthma so I thought it was that and rushed him into the car and to the hospital in under 22 minutes (the hospital is usually 20 minutes away so you can see how fast I was moving)

It was so scary but we are home now and he will be fine, had to get a shot of steroids to stop the inflammation in his upper airway.

As I was speeding to the hospital I thought to myself if a cop sees me I am not stopping cause there is no time. Later, it made me wonder how many high speed pursuits end with a Father or mother pulling into an ER parking lot and sprinting child in arms to the door. All I could think was if it happens I don't care if I am arrested as long as they take DS into the ER first.
Glad he is okay.

Often, if a car is pulled over with a situation such as yours, the officer will give you an escort to the hospital. So if you ever need to rush to the hospital again and do get spotted, it would be in your best interests to pull over, it would be safer for all parties involved, and the rest of the people on the road who are not involved
Thanks guys, he seem fine other than tired, he is napping now, his lungs sound fine and you would never know it had even happened. I am gonna take him to his regular DR when he wakes to be on the safe side.

oh I agree and granted I have a vivid imagination but all I could picture is the cop making me pull to the side of the road while he did his cop thing by running my plates and all that jazz (which takes usually 5 minutes or more), and me being a crazy mom would have run out yelling I have to get my ds to the hospital, all of which would quiet possible not be understood as the cop only seeing a crazed woman in PJ's running waving her arms and would probably tazer, mace or shoot me first (anyway thats the sort of luck I have so thats what I assume in my own head would be the outcome)

In reality I probably would have called 911 to tell them what I was doing and/or rolled down my windows waved my arms for them to come along side me with my hazards on and tried to yell I am heading to the hospital, I really dont think I would have stopped, as it was I really thought every second counted and did not even think I had time for an ambulance. I know its crazy and I was not speeding that fast as I was also concerned for our safety of course but I was over the limit enough to be noticed at 2 am on the highway. As much as I am concerned for others I would not have cared about what a few cops chasing me at 80 miles an hour would do to them, I don't even think I saw more that 4 cars on the whole way up due to the time, now during the day yes I would not have taken a risk like that.

I think what made me think of it at all was because I saw a news cast once when a woman was pulled over for trying to get to the hospital cause her father had a heart failure, the result was she was tazered in the parking lot of the hospital because the cop did not believe her. It was all on the cop camera mounted on the car.

It was just one of those moments where none of the choices seem very good so you just go with your gut. I would have not been as scared if it was some other form of injury, but not breathing well every second counts.

I am just so glad it did not come to that, I am so amazed at parents who have more than one child and have been through all of it and handle these situations so much better.
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