Was looking for rats, but turned into another pest..


8 Years
Sep 30, 2011
North Branford, CT
Alright, so a few months ago there were big rats that ate half of my dad doves by ripping there heads off (the doves are located in the chicken coops on the top ceiling in cages). We used rat poison pellets in those rat poison boxes around the outside of the coops and it worked, didint see rats for like 2 months. (they also killed a few 3 months chicks that I had also).

Then recently the rats came back but they're a new generation of rats and so far 1.5-2 months later they have not killed doves or any chickens they are a new generation and havent learned how to kill yet.. Soon they will...

I set those rat poison boxes again but I seen the boxes are like 5-10 feet away from where I had them... So then I put a big tree log about 50lbs-70lbs on top of a poison box and still they manage to take the box like 5-10 feet away.. What are eating the rat poison???? Is it racoons eating it?

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