Was this egg fertilized and already starting to develop?


8 Years
Jun 26, 2015
Central Virginia
I am very much a newby and we just started getting eggs two weeks ago tomorrow. I've seen pics of the bullseye on the yolks searching here, but what I have seems past that point, or not that at all!

This egg was quite larger and weighed 67grams as opposed to the 40-47 grams my other eggs from my pullets are laying, so I was not surprised it was a double yolker. The egg smelled fine and beat normally and has since gone into a loaf of bread, but I'm just wondering about the two 'tissue'-like masses. Each yolk had one. I'm not concerned per se, just curious.

Thank you in advance to anyone contributing to my continued education on all things chicken and duck!
Some hens will lay eggs with gunk inside, it's usually a bit of the oviduct lining, unfortunately some hens do it for every egg. Large producers candle their eggs and remove such eggs from the line and sell them for other things like powdered eggs, so most people aren't familiar with the stuff that can show up in eggs. Developing eggs form blood vessels first, yours just has gunk, I use a spoon to remove such stuff, and I always break my eggs in a separate bowl first to make sure there's nothing in them.
Thank you for responding. That's exactly what I did; I fished it out with a spoon, and then went on about my bread making business.
Usually a piece of tissue, or spot of blood from a broken vessel, breaks off when ovum releases from ovary.

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