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    Hey guys, I am coming to the show! I will have some sale birds with me, and some that I will bring only if reserved ahead of time (because it means I have to bring a different vehicle)
    • 2010 embden pair from Holderreads. Female has single lobe but bred them in 2011 and 2012 and didn't even get one single lobed bird Pending. These are HUGE and not like the embdens from a hatchery. Very gentle geese, almost as quiet as my dewlap toulouse. They are both very heavy birds- I picked up, tagged, and wormed them today and it is like picking up a large toddler.
    • 2011 embden male with 2012 female: 2011 males from 2010 pair, 2012 females directly from Holderreads. Pending Males are massive!
    Pictures of all embdens here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.497262656958109.116285.100000231368108&type=1&l=66c23533f8 All Embdens Pending

    • Sebastopol females $150
    Pictures of sebastopols here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.497258206958554.116283.100000231368108&type=1&l=b0684ccc51

    • Large Fowl Cochin: Blue cock from Heidi Hykelma and black hen from Robert Anderson $100 pair or can sub blue male for black cockerel from Jamie Matts of NY $100 Jamie Matts helped me pick this male from a show cage in the spring. I lost my best black cochin hen recently and decided to try to find someone else who seriously wants to work with them as these are quality birds.
    • various silkies PQ and BQ.
    • Silkies: Will have some nice bodied black females available that are very nice and must be prepurchased to come, otherwise I will be listing them on poultrybid later in October. May be willing to provide a decent cockerel to someone looking to get an excellent start. These are definite little fatties!

    Please PM me if interested, as this thread moves so fast I just can't keep up!! :)

    all ads must be in the Buy Sell Trade forum, please. Thanks.
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