Wasps in the coop

Appaloosa Hill Farm

10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
Southern Middle TN
This is my first summer with a chicken coop. (Can you tell??
) We have at least 3 wasp nests beginning inside the coop at the top. What's the best method of getting rid of them? DH wanted to spray Raid on them, but I told him that I didn't think that'd be a good idea for the birds. Any ideas?
The best way i have found to kill wasps is to use that freeze spray stuff. It shoots out in a very direct stream and kills them instantly. Do it in the morning, after you get the chickens out of the coop but the wasps are still sleeping. Shoot and keep shooting until they all fall out. They will die quickly. Then knock down the nests and clean up the mess as best you can.

i generally do not like using pesticides anywhere my chickens might be, but i just don't know of anything else that would kill the wasps as quickly and safely.
O.K. this is going to sound crazy but...paint the top eve's of the coop a light sky blue. DH and I went to Key West a few years ago. They have a huge problem with wasps and hornets. They all paint under the eves of the house. It keeps them all away.

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