Wasting away type Diease but not worms- any one else had this happen?

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    I have a few chickens of different ages,from different places that I raised together with other chickens. Only these few are having problems with a wasting away type of disorder or something. They keep losing weight even though they eat all the time and they slowly get worse and then their legs get weak and have trouble walking and then they die. Vet did fecal and no worms etc. Waiting for results of necropsiey. They do have a "smell' to them if you sniff around their face, but no crackels in chest , no runny nose etc, no stuff in eye. tried Tylan,Baytril,predisone,teremician,yougart, poly vi sol etc. to no avail. Breeds are Polish,silkies and silkie mix. ages 4 - 9 months old. They eat chicken starter or recently grower,they often get scrambled eggs and 3 grain scratch as a treat. i don't know whats killing my birds, any one else go through this?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    wait on the necropsy...could be a number of things and anything we throw out is just a guess anyway...
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    what are the droppings like? (please describe color and consistency)

    have you checked the crops to see how they feel?
    check mouths and throats for whitish, grayish, or yellow sores or plaque.

    sounds like some sort of mal-absorption problem.

    could the others be bulling them?
    wonder if separating them away from the others would help?
    (I would definitely try this, even tho they look like their eating..chickens can behave differently when not observed.)
    maybe cut back on the scratch.

    is it possible the fecal test is wrong?(a false negative)

    please let us know about the necropsy.

    sorry for your losses.
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  4. chickenzoo

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    I have had each one seperated as soon as I realized something was going on. I have not noticed anything different in the color of their mouths. Up until the are really sick they look perfectly normal, until you pick them up and realize how thin they are under those feathers. Poo is a watery green to firmish green/brown. know the necropsy is best answer, it's just been over a week and I'm feeling fustrated.Just was hoping someone else might have gone through it before ,possibly recognized the symtoms and could give some ideas.[​IMG]
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    I have said this is in a couple other posts, wasting is a sign of coccidiosis.

    They can go for a couple weeks like this and then die. They usually end up getting enteritis (sp?) from the damage in the intestinal tract and that may be what you smell.

    When is your necropsy due back?
  6. chickenzoo

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    They said it useally takes a week, well it's a little over now. I have put them on sulmet for a few days, but no change. Not sure what else to do or use that might be helpful.
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    talked to my vet, he said still waiting on a few more test but everything is leaning towards a heavy infestation of lice, therefore causing the anemia. I feel horrible:hit How could I not see this? I hold my chickens alot and never saw a thing. I've treated my peafowl for eye lice but never saw a thing on the chickens.I worm them with fenabenazol. What is the best way to rid them of these aswell as their enviroment, he said use ivomec for them,but not sure the dose. Also how do I treat the anemia?[​IMG]
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    I posted in your other thread about the Ivomec..

    I would think that extra protein, and good vitamins will help with the anemia.
    but you really have to make sure they don't have cocci.

    intestinal cocci doesn't always show blood.
    how long does the sulmet say to give?
    (I normally use corid)
    anyway..should follow the directions.

    when do you expect the necropsy results?

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