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Mar 25, 2008
Does anyone use their water bath canner on a glass cook top?

My stove top is glass and I just bought myself a water batch canner. Upon reading the instructions, it says to not use with a glass stove top. Has anyone tried this?
you're not supposed to but I have

I use the pressure canner now cuz it cuts 2/3 of the time off it seems
something about heat and weight distribution not working out right. Those water bath canners were designed to be sitting on top of an electric element or grate from a gas stove... a flat cooktop doesn't spread the weight or heat very well. At least in this case.
I have a coil burner stove downstairs that I use for canning. I do a have a glass top that I hate. Anyway, just a thought--maybe they don't recommend it because of how heavy the pot is with jars and water and could possibly break the glass top when moving it?? again, just a thought.
My brother did. He said it took forever to heat up. Now his is using the pressure canner and looking at yanking out the glass top and installing gas. I gave a canning class through our community ed and they only have electric stoves. All I can say is AHHHHHH!!!!!! I love my gas stove!
I am on my 3rd set of coil burners. They overheat while heating the waterbath canner. Never had this problem on my ancient stove--just on this fancy new one. I don't think it is just the heat, though. More the weight, I'm thinking, because I had no problems when I was just cooking down tomato sauce or when I made apple sauce. The problems start when I try to can the sauces. Then I wind up with a fried burner whose electrical connections have melted underneath the stove top. The last time they almost caught fire.

And here I was thinking of switching to a glasstop! Scratch that idea. Don't know what I'll try next.

That is the number one reason I hate my glass top. Since it is 'energy' efficient it won't keep a constant heat. I told DH I hope it craps out soon because I want a gas (it'll have to be LP) stove too!!
I've had a gas, electric coil, and now am on my glass top stove, which I absolutely love! It is so much easier to clean and provide me with instant heat. I wouldn't change it for the world. I just hate I can't use this canner I just bought today on it. I should have thought about it, but didn't when I bought it. I'm thinking maybe I should take it back and save for a pressure canner, which would be around $40 more. I certainly don't want to break my stove top.

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