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Feb 17, 2015
Grove City Ohio
I raised chickens as a kid, many many years ago. Now I have kids and am about to venture into this again. I only see one brand of waterers. Harris, many reviews off of Amazon, TSC mention leaks and rust from these. Anyone have ideas where to find others and not at a cost that will break our budget? I was not wanting plastic unless someone hear gives me good reasons to use these type. I am in Grove City Ohio. thank you


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Jul 26, 2016
Connecticut, USA
I have a little giant galvanized waterer I have used about 2 months and so far so good. I wanted medal because it gets below zero Fahrenheit, and I'm gonna buy or build a heated base. I got mine at Agway for $24.99 for a 2 gallon. GC


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Jun 2, 2016
Jacksonville, Florida
I just switch over from the "normal" waterer because I was going out there daily to clean all the dirt they fling into the tray. Even when I hung it off the ground. I just made a 5-gallon nipple system. It's the traditional vertical style and thus far it's working wonders. I found a video from a guy that took the install a few steps further than normal and it's turned out great for me.
There were a lot of reviews, good and bad, on the nipples so I was worried about them. People said they leak a lot. Mine this far have not and the nipples do hold a droplet of water on them, but I never see it fall.
The way I made it better was instead of drilling out the hole normally, I used a 21/64 drill bit to drill the hole. Then used a 1/8 NTP (threader) to make threads in the hole. That way the nipples screw in. On top of that I used brass 1/8th nuts to secure the nipples from the inside of the bucket. Of course you have to be gentle all the way around because it's plastic and easily can be stripped.
It doesn't take the chickens long to figure out what it is!


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Jan 10, 2013
I tried one of the metal ones - they do leak and you cannot hang them up. And have read that anything metal can cause comb frostbite issues.

I'm in a warmer area than you but love the plastic water founts - easy to clean, light weight to carry - but even in GA a lightbulb/cinder block base only works for down to the mid 20"s.


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Jul 20, 2016
Yuma, AZ
We have a 5 gallon bucket with the nipples. Took the girls about a day to figure it out and they use it but I don't think they truly like it. We also tried a bucket with a tiny hole and a oil pan for it to sit in but it did not work. I think I made the hole too big or the lid is not sealing tight enough. The nipples work. We bought 25 of them for like $3 on amazon and I have had 1 start to leak and replaced it.

I'm always trying to figure out a new watering system. Trying to find/figure one out that has the least maintenance as possible.


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Mar 27, 2013
California's central valley
2 & 5 Gallon water coolers with a pair of cups on each. I drop a frozen 2 liter bottle in each daily to keep the water cool, it also prevents the evaporation, condensation cycle which forms mold. A little acv in the water as well. Not much of a problem with freezing temp here though.

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