Water Cups vs. poultry nipples

Cutie Clucker

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May 16, 2020
Which is better for the chickens, or does it matter? it seems like the nipples wouldn't ever get poop or hay on them, but they won't get as much water at once. I am doing as much research as possible before I get my girls so I am totally prepared when they get here.
I use horizontal nipples so they don't freeze in winter, not something you'd likely worry about in AZ. Cups are probably a better choice for hotter climates, but I don't have experience with them.
I use horizontals in NC, I wouldn't use anything else. I never have to worry about the water getting dirty and they seem to get plenty of water from them, when I've watched them. They don't stand around drinking all day either, so they must be getting enough.

Horizontals are also great if you go away, because you know they will have clean water the whole time. I use two 14 gallon drums with horizontals.

14 gallon waterer.jpg
We used to use nipples, but switched to cups. Whenever I let the girls out to free range, if there was ever a bowl of water out, they would attack it and drink like mad. My husband read somewhere that they dunk their waddles in the water? Not sure if that's true. But we put in a cup waterer, and they always chose that, so we made the switch. Whenever we leave town though, we always have both at the ready in case the cup waterer gets clogged (we have ducks, and they are downright dirty with water)

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