Waterer questions!


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Ok, we have had chickens for 3 yrs.
We got the Muscovies back in February(I think) and I posted then asking many questions!
We now have those 3 Muscovy hens and George the Cayuga duck(he is only 12 weeks but is the Paul Bunyan of ducks!LOL)
They happily share a HUGE pen with their chicken sisters.

BEFORE ducks we had (1) approx. 3 gallon bucket from feed store for water.
AFTER ducks we quickly realized that this was not enough and bought a 2nd one.

They get let out at 7am from their house and by Noon-1pm the buckets are 1/2 drained and filthy. BLECH!
I am home all day and able to empty and refill them for the 2nd part of the day but it is a PITA.

We need a better watering system that works for both the ducks and chickens AND can provide ok water ALL day.

We are headed on vacation in a month and while we have friends pet sitting..... they work and will be stopping on their way to work in AM and on way home in PM.
This means that either the girls deal with the funky water all day for a few days OR I figure out a solution before then.

Should I put out more buckets? Larger buckets? Cover these with rabbit fence pieces so the ducks do not bath from it, just drink?
Other ideas or solutions?

FYI: They have lots of waterers all over yard for when they free range but that is when we are home for supervision. While on vacation they will be in pen/run, which is what they usually are Mon-Thurs even when we are home. Need waterer solution for their run/pen.

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