Waterer Training?

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    Apr 18, 2014
    Up until very recently I've kept a dog bowl for my chickens thirst needs. I now have a waterer made from PVC and those red waterer nipples (screenshot below). My chickens just ignore it. I'm still filling the dog dish with water daily. I'm sure this is why...they are accustomed to me filling the water dish daily.

    Should I just take away the dog dish and expect them to figure out they can get water from the new waterer?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I'd go into the pen (without the dog dish) and peck at the nipples with your finger so water droplets come out, if they see this they will be more inclined to try it. Also I'd keep the dog dish out for at least a couple of hours a day so they will be thirsty and try to use the nipple waterer (this would be a good time to do what I explained above.) I'd still give the dish to them daily for a while (during the hottest part of the day)...just to make sure they all get water, as I'm sure you'll have some slow learners.
    Hopefully that helps! :)
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    Take all other water sources totally away......
    ......once you get one chicken to 'get it' by repeatedly flicking the pin, the others will usually follow quickly.

    Obviously you don't want to do this during extreme weather(hot or cold) when dehydration could quickly cause health issues.

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