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10 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Hi all, I'm a newbie on here and to chickens and have found this site extremely helpful in getting info to prep for my flock soon to arrive. I have question that I'm getting mixed information on what maybe someone could help on. I have decided to use chicken nipples for watering in the coop and run. I'm building a PVC pipe setup in lieu of a bucket. My chickens will free range in due time when weather allows ( northern minnesota) and I have a pond fed by an artisan well on the property so water will be a none issue in the warmer months. My PVC setup is designed to allow watering the chickens in the coop/run with out entering the coop to add fresh water when needed. I'm doing this so that my better half can water the chickens when I'm gone if need be without entering the coops. I'm getting mixed information on the height off the floor I should have this this setup. The nipples will be in a line on the bottom of 3" piping. The waterer will hold 3-4 gallons on water if filled to the top. My chickens are Rhode Island reds. I've read that the chickens should walk under and reach up for the nipples. I've read they should should reach under. Any advice would greatly appreciated. Thanks

Welcome to BYC!

I do not use nipple waterers, although I have thought about it. Many people do use them here on BYC and love them Here is a thread you might join in on and ask any questions you might have about them...


Good luck with getting this system up and running! Make yourself at home here on BYC and welcome to our flock!
I use mine at their head level. They still need to tilt their heads back to swallow. As long as they (nipples) are not far below their heads it should be fine. Just monitor their use.
Thanks, I'm hoping to keep my coop simple and efficient. Keeping clean water seems to be a no brainer but I also want to make sure accessing it is easy for the birds.
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You got some good answers above, good luck getting your watering system up and running!

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